Who cares - a poem (trigger warning)

Who cares
About stupid, tiny little issues
"I miss you"s
Spoken with a voice hoarse from disuse
From a heart hurt from misuse
By a body tired of abuse
Oh do shut up, will you?
Who cares?

Your best friend moved schools and you lost touch, so what?
And who cares if that year-long denial was not quite a healthy relationship?
Take what you’ve got.
Stop whinging and moaning
It doesn’t matter that much
Who cares?

Some people have years of betrayal
Of loneliness
Your hurt forms barely a drop
So who cares if it happens to fall
Onto soon-to-be screwed-up paper
As you taper off
Because words like ‘he r**** her’ are just not worth saying.
They’re just words. Who cares

If memories like woven strands drape from the rafters
Broken happily ever afters
The long-forgotten sound of laughter
Tainted by the thought of
With me or at me?
Does it matter

If under your feet are a few scraps of "what if"s
Gluing together rubbled relationships
you use to just about prop yourself up
As you feel the memories wrap tight round your throat
As you see drops of salt-hurt fall,
the floorboards soaked
As you step forward

Who cares



Please remove this if it’s inappropriate, I just wrote a poem and was proud of myself and wanted to share

@Dansilion good job

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Very good! Morbid, but I like morbid so please dont take that as an insult. Perhaps emotionally macabre is a better phrase?

Either way I like it.

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