Who can't exercise here?

Every time I get overheated I have break through psychosis and panicking attacks. What the ■■■■?

Anyone else have this problem?

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From exercise? Antipsychotics make us less tolerate heat and too hot or too cold is bad for the body. I know my Latuda came with a paper saying that it causes heat intolerance.

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Any physical activity that makes me sweat massive amounts. For example, today, I was freezing most of the morning. Then, I simply got too hot. Bam! An episode.

I’ve been this way for years. :grimacing:

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can you walk?

even this can help.

i cant run anymore i used to be a jogger


Yeah try to play basketball once a week but my negative symptoms leave me unmotivated to even do that

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I really miss jogging

i used to get the runner’s high

and it released sugar into my blood and increased my insulin sensitivity so therefore helping to regulate my appetite


I walk sometimes in the house 6000-10 000 steps all day but sometimes I just walk 3000 steps all day.

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How many schizophrenics did you meet in real life?

No one, I dont hang around whit losers that come to the forums that promotes this kind of useless mentality

Hahaha Why are you posting here then?

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