Who can i get to give me a work reference

i haven’t worked for 20 yrs…who can I get to give me a reference


I will give you one

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Yea! I’ll just say you are polite, and communicative and you have good computer skills. You also get along well with other people, especially people with disabilities. You always show up to the forum on time and dressed neatly. Let me see, what else?


my social worker turned me down a reference…

You can use your counselor, your landlord, your pastor, the person in charge wherever you’ve done any volunteering, public health nurse, really anyone you’ve had regular contact with who knows what skills you have. It doesn’t have to be traditional. Think outside the box.


why did she turn you down?

she gave me a crappy reference basically saying that the voluntary work would enhance my sense of well being and my self confidence…it made me appear a bit of a liability not an asset to the organisation

Do some volunteer work then they will give you a reference

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@shellys12…that the problem…all the voluntary work organisations want two references… that’s the case in Ireland anyway.

School or college ?
Maybe do a course at college?

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Just put down any two contacts from your phone or support circle who isn’t family. Volunteer work will probably not need super formal contacts. You may put down a friend or even your doctor because it is just volunteering and not a formal job where your health is likely to be discriminated against.


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