Who broke the suspension record?

As above, definitely not me. The record breaker is currently suspended.:rofl:

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who is the record breaker?



One Has To Wonder. On Which Side of The Neutral Fence Is “the record breaker”, On (???).

An Unusual Question Perhaps. An Unusual Record Perhaps?. An Unusual Post Perhaps?.

Am I Unusual?.

Are You Unusual?.

Are We Unusual?.

Are These Questions Unusual?.

Did I Jus Break A Record Myself?.

By Saying The Word UNUSUAL So Many Times In One Post (???).

As ENYA Says, ‘ONLY TIME’, Will Tell. . .

Well. . . I Added The Words, ‘Will’, & ‘Tell’. . .

SoO0…, Unusual. . . . . . .

P.s. Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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I think I’d tie for the record.


I confess. But it was a cassette tape. I was really clumsy that day.

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I once got detention in fifth grade for not doing my homework.

And here on this forum. Damn I just can’t get my act together.



I’ve never been suspended.

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