Who are you?

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • None (I do eat meat)

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If Gawd didn’t want us to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made the animals so tasty.


Haha funny. I’m a vegetarian for about 8 years now. Feel absolutely fine!

I was a vegetarian for about a year due to my sense of moral outrage over slaughterhouse practices, but sadly I didn’t last past that first year. Felt guilty eating that first hamburger. Heck, I still feel guilty eating hamburgers!

I respect vegetarians, though, and wish I had the mental stamina to say no no tasty steak no to you!
Seriously, though, I even lost like 30 pounds my first two months as a vegetarian, it was good for the planet AND for my weight, but I fell off the wagon. :frowning:

If God wanted us to be vegetarian he wouldn’t have made broccoli so easy to shoot

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I wish I was a vegan but it’s so complicated.

Chicken yum!!! LOL!!!

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And I had a hope to find some vegetarians or even vegans :smiley:

I’ve been a vegetarian for three years now.


Welcome! :slight_smile:

What is your favorite vegetarian meal? Mine is coconut curry!

I love rice with vegetables

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Asap rocky is a vegetarian. Fun rap fact.

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Vegetarian old Native American word for bad hunter.
If a vegetarian eats vegetable. What does a humanitarian eats.


I eat meat but I am not proud of that. I didn’t vote.

It is immoral to eat meat because it is so expensive and it is even worse to eat BIO Vegan fake Hamburgers that for some unknown reason are even more expensive then meat!

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I refuse to eat fake meat. I feel like it defeats the purpose of being vegetarian in the first place.


I am Roe :slight_smile: :wink: :blush: