Who Are The Egyptian Or Greek Gods That Represent You?. (((For Fun)))


Here Is THOTH, An Egyptian God Of A Few Talents. . .

He was the god of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, art, judgment, and the dead. His Greek equivalent is Hermes. (A Link, From The Link, To Zelda). Hello!, It’s Me (!!!). Nice To Meetcha (!!!).

What About You (!?!).

P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.

I am into neutrality and kind of locked onto the Thoth belief for a bit, as a reference from the roguelike game Nethack, that’s the neutral god in that game for wizards.

Kind of a joke for me at this point. Like “wizards” are slang for people who don’t fap for a long time, which is something I’m about.

I don’t mess with Egyptian theology, really weird rabbit hole.

How is this not against the rules for religion?

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Religion is religion regardless of the context.

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