Who are real friends

In our world there are many different people. Some people who claim to be your friend just try to use you. I remember one case when I was in Atlanta in 1993 at one Italian restaurant and I had had some red wine and said some of my own thoughts to two people. Next day when I had a dinner with my former US spouse and her family her brother hit me on my forehead and said ‘The devil’, they had talked about these my words without realizing I knew what was happening. These two people never wanted to see me again, but then when in 1999 I had done something good such as helping some Russian economic developement thinking good for people, these two people suddenly tried to be in contact with me and my former US woman by sending letters and so on. They tried to be friends again, but in my view they just tried to benefit at my expense. Real friends do not leave their friendships after few words made after drinking too much red wine.

Real friends shouldn’t leave you after you’ve had a few too many drinks and say something out of line once or twice, but if it’s a consistent problem then maybe they aren’t your real friends. Real friends would learn moderation in what they say.

For myself, the meaning of a true friend is someone who will accept you with all your faults and failures…


Even in so called upper class families they used physical force against me in their efforts to control and influence me. There is one rule anybody should know ‘no physical touch allowed’.

Even in some very low class circles in Finland they know that no physical touch is allowed, and if somebody hits somebody on a person’s head it is an automatic criminal matter without any settlement options.

You’ll not find true friends here.

Down here we’re to young to be friends.

It’s like lord of the flies actually.

the truth!

Someone who builds you up instead of tearing you down.