Who Am I? Seriously

I seem to struggle a lot with this. When I was working, if you asked me I would say, I am David, the computer programmer.

But at one time I was David the hockey goalie, and then David the stoner, and so on and so forth

So who the hell am I now? Am I David who writes songs and plays guitar, who is friends with so-and-so? The guy who has been disabled for 20 years lol? That’s ■■■■■■ up. Is that it?

And also, am I this great guy that everyone else seems to see in me, or am I really just a tragic train wreck that I know myself to be on the inside?

How much of my identity is connected to how other people see me? Do I even exist without them?


it’s not easily known to me, as a member here.

I’ve wanted to say, you’re a survivor.


Thanks @Daze that’s the best thing anyone could ever call me. I used to be the victim… ■■■■ that ■■■■

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I am the sum of my experience, thoughts and dreams :sunglasses:


Well, I’m not Séan the insurance guy. I’m maybe Séan the broadcaster, Séan the cook or Séan the photographer. I used to be Séan the community volunteer. I’m also Séan the husband and father. I think you can be a lot of things, but I don’t think what you do to earn a living has to be one of them. Neither do you have to identify with an illness that sidelines you from things you enjoy.

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I don’t think my identity is fixed, but changing over time.

I think this is a good read:


I’ve only known you for a short spell, @Cragger.

But you strike me as a really good person with a big heart. You’ve parlayed your adversity into your creativity…your music…which is a wonderful thing.

I’d enjoy having a sit-down pint with you any day of the week.

Also wondering how the two of us could collide on my Lullaby ballad. How would we make it work over the internet? That is, if you are interested and have the time of course.


I have no identity either! :joy: seriously Yes I’m just a weirdo.

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I guess I’ll always be known by many as “the mentally ill disabled guy”

But through therapy I’m starting to realize that I’m so much more than this.


You seem to define yourself with work or something thst has no inner value…
You can also be fine friend,person,emphatic and so…
Why let think of how the others see you…


Usually people define themselves
in relation to others.
You are That.
Tat tvam asi.


I think that it’s more important how you view yourself than how others view you. You have no control over how some guy on the street views you.


There is nothing wrong about that. on the contrary i will bet you are important to you friends and family.
I agree with @Daze , you sound like survivor. I know you have been near death a couple of times. Glad you are alive.


Thanks @anon39054230 much appreciated. You strike me as a very decent human being yourself. It is a shame we couldn’t have a pub night or a musical Circle. There’s nothing I enjoy more

I would love to work with you on your song. Do you have recording software by any chance? It would take a bit of shuffling, but if you could email me what you have, I could bring it up in my recording software and do whatever Parts you wanted me to do. Then I could email it back to you

My buddy has done this a couple of times since covid started, and the result has been amazing


Thanks to everyone for reminding me we are more than the sum of our parts. I know I make a difference in my friends and Family’s lives, I just wish I was doing more with my life

I am itching to start volunteer work, but with covid-19 everything is so tight. I just know I would feel so much better if I were doing something

Thanks for reminding me of everything my therapist has tried to pound into my head for years lol. I’m a little slow, be patient :wink:


Thanks @anon16583342 that was a good read

Witnessing our thoughts, not reacting out of old habit, and becoming present enable us to better craft our lives

This really struck a chord with me

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