Who all play's key Boards?

do you enjoy it?


I know chords and stuff but can’t read music. Is that where your band jams?

why yes we sat around wirteing shot storys for songs in blue grass style. tonight


I have a Yamaha keyboard (non synth but great action), a small Casio portable keyboard and a tiny Usb keyboard. I enjoy playing and making songs from time to time. I am a bit clumsy of a player and make a lot of mistakes but it’s fun for me to improvise and I have a friend I sometimes collaborate with online.

I sometimes use Reaper DAW and have a Blue Snowball mic to record vocals. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on this hobby but am pretty pleased with what I have done with it overall.

I once had an inexpensive CZ-101 synth that was really fun to tweak new sounds with and I get a lot of free VSTs from Vst4free.com.


Looks like a wicked cool studio you’ve got going on there, @DrZen ! :sunny:


I used to play piano, the more difficult, the better.

I was in a near fatal accident, broke 2 neck bones, 1 back bone, both bones in my left arm, 3 bones in my wrist, and had a closed head injury.

I still hope that, one day, I’ll be able to relearn to play. I sold my piano, though. I used to sit down, try to play, and cry because I couldn’t.

Are you a musician?

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