White matter brain aging in relationship to schizophrenia and its cognitive deficit


I hate these studies. I’ve got enough problems without worrying about potential cognitive decline too. Thanks for posting nonetheless.


Thanks for posting everhopeful. The other article you just posted about IL-8 being a marker of non-responding SCZ got me thinking. It turns out IL-8 is a marker of aging too, aged people produce more IL-8 in response to infection.

I think the article implies that if you can control inflammation you can slow down IL-8 production. This probably means an SCZ will respond to medication better (given the other IL-8/psychsis post) if they control inflammation.


I have severe cognitive defecits and white matter issues non specific and small all over my brain. I can do stuff I learned a bit before like calculus but other than that it’s hard to learn new things in a competitive environment and compete in the work force. My step-dad got me a temp job picking up garbage, which is what I feel comfortable doing and CAN do.

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