White Elephant

From my point of view

He is like

A beautifully wrapped present

Brightly colored and fun looking

With a giant, tightly-knotted bow on top

Making it hard to open

It is making the rounds

And I want it

It is in the possession of someone else

And it’s making me a little jealous

I am curious what is inside

And I assume it’s something wonderful

But unfortunately I cannot have it

I have to find a way to make it mine

With a little luck and finesse

I could take possession of it

Or while no one is looking

I could snatch it and open it myself

Pirate the loot inside

And leave only the mess behind

Why does my prospective love interest seem so much

Like a game of white elephant?


Good work @anon97859349.

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Thank you @eighteyedspy23!!

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