Whispering on AP

Does anybody else still have voices while taking an Antipsychotic?

I’m on 10mg of Abilify and hear whispering coming from the other room. When I was not on my AP, I heard pretty clear voices that were putting me down coming from my air purifier. Now on my AP, this whispering is totally new.

I told my pdoc and she thinks Abilify isn’t working well for me and I may need to switch to something else. However, I see online that Abilify doses can go higher than 10mg, to 15mg or even 20mg.

I really don’t want to play med-go-round again and start over with new meds. I’d rather just up the dose because I get VERY few sideffects from the Abilify and had major sidefects from Risperidone, seroquel, etc. Abilify has improved my life by quite a bit and I really don’t want to give it up.

Thanks for listening.


I hear a voice medicated. It’s much better than before I was medicated. Before I was medicated I heard a lot of people talking to me and talking to each other.

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I’m on 20mg olanzapine and 1.5mg vraylar and I still hear voices. No Ap has stopped my voices. I hear whispers, people talking about me, I hear shouting and screaming. I hear demeaning things about me. Voices are mostly condescending.

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Sorry to hear about your whispers, I used to have a set of evil feeling voices that were just whispers, but they did go away easily with medication.

Maximum dose of abilify IS 30 mg.

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I was on 10mg and it just didn’t do enough. I’m on 15mg now and it’s a lot better. As @frenchman pointed out, the maximum dose is 30mg.

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Oh my gosh the same thing happened to me. Now I have an expensive purifier I never use !

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I don’t count on aps to stop my voices. I basically use them as an antidepressant but I’m sure it helps the voices some. I’ve had different styles of voices: just as loud as thoughts to very realistic. I had a whispering voice and I didn’t know what he- a white haired old man - was saying except that it was mean. But that only happened once or twice. As much as I am intrigued by voices thinking another world is perceivable to me is very disturbing.

I hear voices just about everyday. The TV has them so far.

I don’t know how anyone could not have voices on typical antipsychotics. Out of 130 high risk genes for schizophrenia, 30% of them are associated with glutamergic synapses. Only one of those genes is associated with dopamine receptors, which is the basis for most antipsychotics. Dopamine can affect schizophrenia, but is not the cause.

Thank for your input guys. At my next pdoc appointment, I’ll ask her to up my Abilify dose instead of trying something new. Hoping she listens and doesn’t do that whole “I know better than you” routine.

I haven’t heard voices for some time now on my two AP’s they seem to be helping

I’ve only heard voices clearly a few times. But I had the whispers for a long time. I didn’t even think the whispers were a symptom of sz as they were never clear.
A set of noise cancelling headphones worked best for me. I knew for sure I couldn’t hear anything. But I’ve been stable on haldol and ablify for over a year now. Can’t quite remember how long as my memory is shot to pieces.
Good luck with those whispers. I know where you’re coming from.

I hear a female voice begging for help, a man voice tellming me Im being watched and a girl voice saying “hey Right how are you”`
Im on 2 APs

I am the other way round where it’s 5mg Olanzapine and 4.5mg Cariprazine

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