While we were studying our wonderful forefathers of the US

In the 5th grade, we were also learning to hate the Reds and the leftists. It left me in quite a conflict. Was our nationality something to be proud of or ashamed of?

History is history only if we learn from it.

Distorting history is bad.

The forefathers did good and bad things that has shaped the world we live in today.

Embrace the good and acknowledge the mistakes so we don’t repeat them.


What are some of the bad things our forefathers did?

Genocide for one. Racism. Deception. Stealing land. Sexism.


Oh boy.

I’ll just say,

I don’t think we should be ashamed of our history.

I do think we should acknowledge the less pleasant sides of it.

When I learned US history in the south,

It was totally different than when I went to college.

Some people don’t like to accept some truths.

We have to embrace and learn from them.


We should be able to learn about the atrocities committed to native and people of color while being proud of the country we have today.

There is no reversing history. We have all we do today because of the past. But now that we have this great country, let’s make it better. (Well, those who have the power to.)

But we should not pretend there have been generations of human abuse.

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This is too political.