While taking a shower (trigger warning)

while i was taking a shower, i got a lot of bad thoughts flowing through my head in regards to my lack of self-control. the flow of these thoughts have been occurring throughout my older life and it hurts sometimes. probably my mi. but there are some things i’m proud of.

for all the people who say i have no self-control, know that i’m still a virgin. never had sex with a woman. never raped a women. i haven’t talked with a women in a non-professional environment for many years now. and i haven’t watched pr0n for half a year now. those are things about myself that i’m proud of. i might be a pig and i might have no self-control, but i’m a virgin, never had sex, never raped anyone, haven’t talked with any woman for years, and have stopped watching pr0n. and i did it mostly on my own because i learned to love myself when nobody else did.


Maybe your abstinence is causing your subconscious some torment. I am not saying you should watch pr0n again, but you should perhaps masturbate from time to time, to relieve the pressure.


yep, that’s what i do. mostly takes care of the subconscious torment from abstinence. but if anything, i can always get another med for it, if it pose a threat.

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i like revisiting this thread, from time to time. reminds me to keep my head up, when other people put me down

Why don’t you just find a woman and sex her up???

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One doesn’t talk like that to a poet :stuck_out_tongue:

lol jk


Didn’t know I was doing the poetic an injustice. Lol


@Antenna that won’t give him anything.
That’s a completely futile exercise.

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To each their own I myself could never agree with that statement it’s one of the few ways I feel worth something knowing a woman wants to give herself to me .

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at the moment, i kinda like romance poetry more than finding someone and doing that. when i write romance poetry, i can see and feel incredible things that satisfy me. probably why i’m still a virgin. it’s hard for me to not be proud of my independence sometimes.

i don’t like fishing much. if i’m starving, i’ll find another way to feed myself.

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i don’t like it when certain people call me a creep. that tends to happen when i communicate with them. so i stopped communicating with those people, many years ago. problem solved.

but then some of those people communicate with me. and sometimes i can’t stop them from doing so because they have power.

it’s not fair.

it’s frustrating and scary.

but i usually find a way to overcome, no matter how much power they have.

i am strong

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So why are you saying you have no self control? Because you can’t control your thoughts? No one can control their thoughts. You sound like you have perfectly decent self control to me.

I don’t know what it is about the shower, man. I always experience crazy stuff in there too.


I’m curious about the same thing as Anna. What do you lack self-control over?

Sir if u are comfortable with yourself then to heck with societal norms and pressures. U are strong! I shower 4 times a day so the shower is my second wet bedroom.

had another slew of negative thoughts while showering today. i keep thinking that people think that i’m a creep. but i don’t even talk to local women anymore. haven’t touched anyone in a long time. not even hugs. i only handshake certain people. wouldn’t even touch a woman who needed cpr.

for people who think i’m a creep, well i’ve never had sex. regardless of all the women i’ve met, i never had sex with them. never raped a woman either. i don’t even watch pr0n anymore.

and the same people, who call me a creep, probably had sex, or watch pr0n, or casually talk with local men. my ability to refrain from such activities is quite amazing, i believe. if not, then they should try doing such abstinence themselves before calling me a creep.

it’s hard for me to not to be proud of my growing ability to refrain from sexual activity. and when i’m an old man, i’d be proud knowing that i’ve never forced anyone to have sex. people can call me a creep all they want, but my Truth shines brightly

Who’s calling you a creep @sirBoring ??!

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If they’re calling you a creep when you are in the shower, it’s the disease, and they probably aren’t even thinking of you at that time at all.

The fact that you have raped no one is good. I haven’t either, but I think that these days guys like us are in the minority. Or maybe I’m just hanging around the wrong kind of people. You might try interacting with a woman or two. It might enhance your life to be in a relationship with one. On the other hand, I’ve been in only one long term relationship with a woman, and I was miserable a lot of the time.