While I was hanging out with my friend I was hearing voices

I kept hearing voices the whole time I was hanging out with my friend.

Well You Are Schizophrenic.


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I never heard voices but I was amazed about 9 years ago when I had a friend over for dinner who had paranoid schizophrenia. I fixed spaghetti and a salad and we sat and talked at my table and then watched a little TV. I don’t know how it came up but he told me a week or two later he was hearing voices during the whole evening. I was amazed because he sounded and looked perfectly OK. (well, he was a little weird looking) but he talked normal and didn’t appear distracted, he seemed all there.

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That is the nature of hallucinations they can happen anywhere.

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Yeah my voices mess with me to all the time when iam with friends. I wish they would just go away

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