While I wait for admissions

My major with my university has expired, and I need to re-register for enrolment. I’m very worried at the moment because my grades are not as good. So I’m calling the Enrolment Services.

While I’m on the waiting list, would you guys like to talk to me (about anything, other than what goes against the community guidelines)? It seems like it’s going to be a while.

Thanks guys!


(Still waiting for them to pick up the call…not yet, though.)

I’m about to make some peanut butter sandwiches for lunch later. We’re going to the library first.

What are you having for lunch?

Hello! It’s good to see you here.
Library sounds really good! I miss going to libraries. The libraries here are quite small so I don’t find any interesting English books. Peanut butter sandwiches sound great! I hope you have a great lunch.

It’s actually 2:12am here, haha. I’m applying for admissions in my university so I have to call at this time.
What are you planning to do at the library?

Oh! I thought you were still in Canada! My bad.

I’m talking little LED to story time at the library.

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No worries! I had to return to Korea because of my disability. It was a really, really hard decision to make.
May I ask who LED is?

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LED is my user name.

Ah, sorry. My apologies.
So I called admissions, and they told me that my admission has expired. So I have to re-apply again :frowning:

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That sucks. I’m sorry. Hopefully it’ll be easier than last time since you’ve already done it once.

I don’t have good grades…it just worries me deeply. I just worry that I’ll never be able to go home.

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Sending positive vibes your way…you got this!!! Do you have an update?

I am applying tomorrow for admissions. I’m not sure if I will be accepted, though…
I think I’ll just kill myself. I just hate myself so much.

I know you are under alot of stress right now but saying those things in your mind doesn’t help the situation. There is still hope so you have got to hold on to that and keep that in your mind tomorrow. There is no reason to feel depressed yet.

Any idea why you lost your enrollment. I’m befuddled

The maximum enrollment for my university is 1 year. I was absent for two years.

I hate my sickness for causing this. If I didn’t become sick, I would still be going to school.

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Why can’t you go home?

I need a legal study permit…and to get one, I need an admission from a university.

Where is home? I’m confused.

Canada. I’m in Korea right now.

I partially understand what you are going through. I had to add an extra year when I went to college. So I feel for you. Don’t give up. Be proud of what you have and are accomplishing despite your sickness.