Which would you rather do for a living?

  • Pro Video Games
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Watch Movies For Netflix
  • Rocket Science

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I chose Netfilx but I really get burnt out with movies and probably wouldn’t want to watch certain genres. I have no interest in social media. Video games would be fun, but I think I’m too old for that now.



Pro games - too intense for me, constant practice, rehearsal, repetition, although money can be good if you can accomplish mastery in e-sports. Although it’s a great distraction, but it’s super taxing on my brain.

Social Media Specialist - looks like a conartist in play, since that’s what they do? Clickbait? Comercials? Keeping people hooked?

Watch Movies on Netflix - this is something I can relate to as well, it’s a very low maintenance, but quite nice of return.

Rocket Science - no comments :smile:


Ive Kinda tried social media marketing, its not The funniest but it can be fun.

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