Which woukd you rather fight?

100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

One horse sized duck for me. Go for its legs


I don’t fight :v:


Both sound ADORABLE.

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I would never fight ducks. Or horses. They’re so cute.

I would like to cook the horse sized duck and give it to charity


I don’t really like ducks though, it doesn’t taste that good. I’m gonna cook some birds next weeknd. My dad gave me a nice recipe.

I’m like a druid when it comes to nature. I don’t see the point in harming animals, to the contrary I keep the birds around my neighborhood a free supply of food going.

For humor’s sake, I’ll say 100 small horses. I’m not into fighting people or things above my weight class. Would rather spar & train with lighter weights to work on agility. I’m not a slugger, more of a precision striker.

I think I’d order a few dozen pizza’s for take out for all of us.


Do we get weapons? If we got a gun I would definitely pick the horse-sized duck to battle. Because a hundred duck-sized horses could overrun you before you could kill all of them because they have the sheer numbers but it would take only a couple of strategically placed shots to kill one horse-sized duck.


I’m a lover, not a fighter.

This is not to imply I want to make love to either…

…because, ICK.


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