Which type of girl would agree to marry a SZ guy

I was wondering if i can get married or not, i mean no girl wants a guy with sz

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Ask @velociraptor or @anon39054230

I think it’s harder for someone with SZ to marry a woman than a man, because of archaic ideas about gender roles and who should be the main provider.


If you can show her that you can handle life well enough, you can get her to stick by you.


Whats your opinion @velociraptor @anon39054230

A girl who one way or another is another ‘reject’
Me and my husband are both ‘losers’

I agree, but you would be surprised. Don’t let the label define you, fighting the illness is for the tough minded and that is an attractive trait ! Believe


I suppose she might take advantage of me while in conflict and tell everyone im lying and being delusional

Mrs. Squirrel has never done that to me. While we disagree on things (e.g. spending time with her parents), she is highly ethical and I absolutely and unequivocally trust her to make decisions on my behalf in the event I’m incapacitated by a health issue. In fact, we formally have paperwork to that effect in place.

Except for the first five or so years of SZ, I’ve pretty much been continuously employed. I was employed when I met my wife and she was okay with me having SZ because it was well-managed. She figures that everyone has some sort of issues and it was good that we knew what mine were and they were under wraps (I’m also a sober alcoholic in AA and have a bad heart). It’s worked for twenty years and counting.

I asked my wife if she would have married me if I had been a hot mess because of my SZ and she said NO, she wouldn’t have been able to handle that. My having been stable and functional when we dated was obviously a selling point. She has also said that if SZ takes me out at some point she’s not leaving me, either. She takes the until death do we part thing seriously. She’ll have my back. That being said, I went off my meds in a bad way once and she was rightly pissed with me for being so stupid. I have to agree with her that it was really dumb, I should have known better.

I think honesty is key. Relationships where people hide stuff from each other seem doomed to failure from what I’ve seen over the years.

Edit: Forgot to add… I’m the type of high-functioning that makes me stick out like a sore thumb here. I may not be the best example to use, even if I am a med-compliant SZ.


Are you high functioning? Can you work?
These are the main issues not the schizophrenia diagnosis.


Also you have to work for it, get out n get social. You wont find a wife by staying in your house all day. Girls wanting a relationship wants a social life. One of the reasons my gf left me was that I left all my friends and she was my only friend after my sz stabilized. Also get in shape, lose that fat. Anyways she left me also bcz I wasnt able to work too, she didnt mind the sz.

Luckily I wasnt violent at the time as I was on meds. If I was with her and without meds I would have probably threatened her with a knife or injured her like I did to my brothers. I am a hopeless case, my sz is too extreme as it makes me dangerous.

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I met my gf in a nightclub b4 sz, after a year I got sz and then she left me 4 years later after I tried my best at working and I wasnt able to hold any job from the 10 jobs I tried.

Yes. Unfortunately this is undoubtedly true.

Im not working at the moment. I might start some business soon.

I think what your saying is true. Its the work/profession that matters, not the illness.


My 2 cents on the matter has changed since initial onset to now. Before I was desperate for love, and I would be on every dating site and constantly go to clubs and bars looking for a partner. 3 and a half years later I have changed my goals from looking to find a partner and being “successful in life,” to being self sufficient. That is my goal. Love, a nice house, a family, all of that is nice but impossible to achieve if I can’t take care of myself.

I dont want a caretaker, and I already see a therapist. When I find a partner I want them to be an equal partner, and I dont want them to carry all of my extra weight. I have been working on healing and functioning and I’ve made great progress. Im going to try working again in the next couple of months depending on how school goes this coming semester.

My recommendation is a bitter pill to swallow at first, but once I accepted it I felt a ton of relief, and that’s to not sweat being in a relationship. Focus on living your best life and being functional and being a part of society and you’ll find someone when you’re actually ready. If you’re already at that step great! Disregard what I say.


I’m married but I met my wife before sz. I take my meds and have a job. It’s important that I don’t smother her sometimes. I think she’s glad I have a job.

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A job is too important. My gf that I was with for 5 years left me mainly bcz I wasnt able to work.



I don’t think merely having a job qualifies one to the opposite sex. I’ve been employed for about the past ten years and have been actively seeking Susan. I think having low self-esteem is the biggest factor to being single. Some are great at relationships but don’t work. Or great at keeping in shape but not at making friends. I just happen to be good at getting and keeping work but have my struggles meeting women.


Yea its one of the big factors but not the only one. There is shape, personality, etc

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I mean there’s plenty of girls who would be interested. You just gotta be yourself.

Real talk I recommend looking for friendship first. It builds a better foundation


I like what Noise said. Any nice lady should marry a schizophrenia guy, in my world, anyway.