Which sedation and fatigue are worse?

i cant handle the fatigue on leponex plus the panic that it causes me. is it better on haldol, anybody knows?

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For how long are you on meds?

ive been 4 months and a half on leponex… it really gives me panic attacks

Did you have panic attacks before?

i had fear of people,paranoia i suppose but not so many panic as on clozapine

Have you talked to your pdoc about this?

minnie,i saw my doc today. thats why she switches me to haldol and 5mg of zyprexa. i forgot to ask her if haldol could relieve the emotional pain?.. shte is trying to relieve my paranoia first.

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Give it some time, my initial panic attacks had to do with the paranoia. Eventually they faded and now I only have mild anxiety issues. The meds work, we just have to give them time.

i couldnt handle the leponex anymore. i was really weak and afraid. i am almost sure its it…maybe i make a mistake to switch on haldol but my doc says that…probably it will help me :slight_smile:

Hope everything works out for you! Keep us posted

thanks minnie. i have the impression to feel my brain inside my head.cant think properly. i dont know what is this…

It’s the disease… It feels like that sometimes. I had the feeling I could feel my neurons dying and my head hurt. It will pass, don’t worry

thank you again. i hope haldol calms me down a little bit :slight_smile:

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I think fatigue is worse than sedation.

Latuda is great for paranoia. It helps the mind filter â– â– â– â– â– â–  up perceptions.

@Anna1 After getting some clarification on public mental health treatment practices in Eastern Europe from @Sarad , I think I understand what is going on and what you’re up against.

Do you have family there in Bulgaria? Are any of them fairly sophisticated, educated and/or trustworthy? Someone who can understand some medical complexities?

If so, you may benefit from explaining to them that you need to get to a private psychopharmacologist who will properly assess you and get you on the best meds for you, not the meds the PHS there is using because they are inexpensive.

If you need help with this explaining, post back to me or PM me.

I like seroquel. Start at 50mg, cut into pieces and take it at night. Nothing stops the voices except going to sleep so best I can do taking seroquel. Insomnia is hell hearing the voices…

I’ve been on Haldol before. For me, it was a real bummer. I hated it. I did talk to one guy who liked Haldol. I think most people don’t care for this drug. You can try it and see how it affects you. You might be one of the few who thrive on it.

thanks crimby. its my second day on it and its relatively fine till now :slight_smile: