Which Pharmacotherapies Are Most Effective for Schizoaffective Disorder?


I think I have psychosis, comorbid to ptsd
And drug abuse

Also have Ocd, a few types of anxiety, and seasonal depression

I don’t think I have schizoaffective

But they gave it to me due to the complex nature of my diagnosis’s. And due to my lack of insight at the time and my lack of affect it was VERY difficult to determine I was anything other than maybe sza or something

Oh well It seems I know the meds that work for me.

That’s what’s most important

I might have bipolar 2 also… if that’s even indeed possible


I don’t agree with the existence of schizoaffective disorder.
It’s basically a trash can diagnosis.

Many doctors usually diagnose someone with schizoaffective when they are uncertain whether it’s a mood disorder or something more like schizophrenia with a mood component.

Psychosis is a constant with this disorder.


I’ve been diagnosed sza since 1992 so, almost 30 years now.

The best pharmacotherapies for me are:

Geodon, Seroquel, Risperdal Consta and Celexa.

The combo of these meds take away my positive symptoms. I still have negatives and cognitives.