Which path-a poem

Sitting on the couch
With a bag full of doritos
And thoughts of tomorrows.
Where do I go from here?

Thinking what life could hold
Futures uncertain
Paths that could go
A thousand different ways.

A hobbit
Living in a little round house
Content to never leave
But tempted by a journey.

A queen
Surrounded by servants
Waiting hand and foot
For frivolous moments.

A scrooge
Hoarding pennies
Only to be awoken
By a ghastly dream.

A pauper
Awaiting a poverty stricken meal
Stealing a block of cheese
To survive this day.

A patient
Hoping for a miracle
Wondering where it will come from
Wondering if it will.

A thousand ways
Thousands of days
To make a path
Where does it lead?