Which one of your symptoms never end

Some of my symptoms never seem to end, they are chronic and constant.
The constant symptoms for me are Anxiety and Paranoia - the meds only help a little, they are with me all of the time at different degrees.

Do you have symptoms that meds do not touch or only help a little?
Which symptoms are a constant with you? They just never end


All my positive symptoms are crazy embedded into every moment of my life. It’s weird as hell. Really hard to even think but I’m getting better at it.

Hopefully soon ill be able to see the world as it is without this telepathy â– â– â– â–  going on.

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Paranoia. It has been with me since 1962.

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I’m sorry the anxiety and paranoia aren’t leaving you. It’s frustrating when things hang on. It just makes things feel futile…

For me…

Catastrophic thinking… maybe that’s why I come off a little TOO positive Pollyanna at times… I’m trying to fake it till I make it.

Trying to convince myself… it will all be Ok and not come crumbling down in a pin drop.

Also… there is some sneaky brained delusional thinking that won’t let up either. It leaves for a bit… but it only takes a tiny nudge to come back.

The manic to flat… that’s all med regulated… I really feel once I get past this med adjustment… the swinging will slow down again.

Good luck and I’m rooting for us all.


I think all of my symptoms ebb and flow. My anxiety goes away when my psychosis is bad. My delusions used to be constant, I was never not delusional, until I gained awareness of my illness and learned to recognize delusional thinking. My psychosis is sometimes bad and sometimes just in the background of my life. I remember this year at the peak of my mental/emotional health I was feeling minimal anxiety and the psychosis only consisted of me occasionally chatting with my voices. I was keeping up a tight routine to manage everything, exercise, sleep, therapy, etc.

Now I’m not getting enough sleep, not exercising and have no therapist. And everything’s gone to crap! Bahaha.

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Yeah anxiety and paranoia

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Mine come and go. I suppose the one that’s constant is tunnel vision thinking / obsessions.

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Paranoia f***ing sucks.

I moved over a thousand miles and its still with me.


@SurprisedJ…says it best…it is like :bear: ’ whack a mole ’ :hammer:
though i do not agree with violence towards animals !?! :smiley:
take care :alien:


Avolition and restricted/blunted emotion

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Being forced to look at the clock at the same times over and over again.

Still happens, it’s been years.

I asked them who they were and they said over and over again “satan”. I asked so much they said to stop asking. I asked them what they wanted and they said for me to commit suicide.

Same times. For years. Over and over and over and over again. Never ends. They’ll wake me up at 3:33 in the middle of the night to make me look at it.

When they took me to the hospital the first time i didn’t understand in the least.


It’s hard to tell if my anxiety/paranoia is intermittent but chronic or just that it varies from high to low. For me meds may dull the paranoia to some degree, or at least I’m less likely to react when paranoid, but the anxiety is always lurking in the background.
Also fairly constant is the low drive and motivation.

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negative symtoms almost all never seems to go away…god save the queen… how horrible…

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