Which one is easier to master: Bible or Computer?

I am yet to master Bible. Computer is never ending. So I felt Computer is more difficult to master than Bible.

What do you think? Did you give up any study, job or hobby because of learning curve?

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Now with the internet, you can combine both!


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Yes, technology is useful but to become an Internet user is always easier than to become a Web programmer!

idk how you can compare these things tbh :confused:

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Although the Bible is alive but at least it has been written down completely–i.e. no more new developments or new book and chapters.
Computer (technology), on the contrary, keep introducing new protocols, specifications–i.e. how many updates you get for your iPhone’s OS within a year?

a computer is not God, the people who write the programs or software or even malware are not Gods, the Designers are not Gods either, its weird bc the good book means a lot more to me than just code or binary crap lol

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This is a hilarious question/thread to me :smile:


One is based on logic. The other is, uh, well…

One is logical and follows correct steps.

The other is a nice story :stuck_out_tongue:

Well not so nice, considering all the murdering and pillaging lol

I got the basic meaning of the Bible pretty early in life,as for a com.? im usually lost,i think thats because with com. its always progressing in its field.

i say chose bible theres more than one translation history has made changes along the way for modern day language, and modern days society influences perceptions given equal rights, if u believe in god to read the bible with all its complexity and substantial risk due to ur view ing these choices as if its just a hobbie, that concerns me cuz if its just time consuming. u could risk missing or losing the most vital experience or you may not. i just dont think anything is more challenging than spirituality in any shape or form. my point is. choose the bible, dont be foolish. ur smart and funny, but surely feel this topic need reply. tis all wut u think?

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