Which one is better like state?

ok,i was akathisic on haldol, overtired on clozapine. on zyprexa i have energy. its not that i want to do things though. its just i am saying to myself that i should do them in order to recover… i couldnt sleep this night but i woke up at 4 in the afternoon yesterday. i still have energy and i wanted to go out to buy some food and newspaper for my mom. she told me that this is not normal either…i told her i cant switch meds eternally and so far the zyprexa was best for me at the level of the side effects… she pisses me off, she wants from me to be normal and sane and i cant…grrrh… she is used to be overcontrolling i think :confused:

I think the motivation on Zyprexa sounds great, honestly. When I’m coming out of a long depressive period and I start to want to do things again, I don’t always start out wanting to do them at the “correct” times. I might want to clean my room in the middle of the night, or do grocery shopping at 10 pm at first. It takes a bit of time to get synced up with a “normal” schedule.

I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with wanting to shop and buy a newspaper at 4 pm. I say, go with it, and don’t worry about what your mom thinks you should want to do at which time. I am really glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

thanks rhubot for the reply,yeah i am insane. i cant get better by a miracle either, i think ive understood this…no,its just 8 am here right now… my mom is wakening up now. i spent the night without sleep. and yes,i have energy but not for cleaning for example as my mom is suggesting me…yeah,i know,i am tiring but this is my state now.
big hug rhubot!
p.s. should i worry because i have energy but i dont do the most of the things? just energy, i still feel my brain like a mess and its like wihtout thoughts there :confused: