Which of my diagnoses are correct?

Schizophrenia, severe depression (they specifically said it wasn’t schizoaffective though), anxiety not otherwise specified. Schizophrenia is the only one I agree with I think. I was excitedly catatonic and was pacing and non-responsive so they said I had anxiety, which I think is a misdiagnosis for that reason. I think my negative symptoms were misinterpreted for depression, and I think my suicide attempt was as well. I tried to kill myself because I couldn’t stand being schizophrenic anymore, not because I was depressed.

Psychiatric diagnosis is a clusterf*ck.

Its become a joke really.

Every psychiatrist that I saw, had a hard time pinning a label on me.

There is sometimes a fine line between bipolar and schizophrenia.

My current psychiatrist tells me that I show symptoms of both bipolar and schizoaffective - smartest thing I heard coming out of a psychiatrists mouth ever.

You cant take a psychiatric diagnosis seriously - its all about symptoms.