Which normal person you wanna be?

Which normal person you wanna be ?

It’s too hard to imagine that. I feel pretty normal anyway now.

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Ooh…I want to be President Trump! That way I can act like a complete ass and not care what anyone else thinks about it!


Me, before I got sick. :slightly_frowning_face:


I want to be a good guy who gives you money if you need.

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I would be full blooded Native American. I’m only part now

I’m okay with being me. And that includes the schizophrenia.

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Either Elon Musk, or a successful twitch streamer, maybe ManVsGame or Lirik. Depends on how responsible I feel.

A wealthy person with a healthy brain who leads a full life. Maybe someone born into money, or a famous actor or comedian for example. Someone young, so I could live out the rest of my life. I would like to be born in this era too.

Honestly, I would like to be myself with all my natural stuff, just with no mental illness or psychosis at all. That would be the ideal, because then I could enjoy life, get married, go to school, run, all the normal things. Before I had schizophrenia my life was perfect in every way.

Also, I would like to be born now, so I could live to see the revolution in psychiatric medications. And also in other types of medical treatments and procedures. That would be great. I would like to live to see a cure for cancer. It would restore my faith in humanity.

Actually I would probably want to be born like 30-50yrs from now, when we’ve revolutionized this country and the world assuming it doesn’t all end in nuclear war. The most important thing is to be born into a family which has money and to get a good education. Those are the requirements for living a good life unfortunately. If I didn’t have schizophrenia my life would be above average in every other way.

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That one over there.

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