Which names do you like

I like Lenka
I think it’s Eastern European I’m not sure

I used to like Clarence.

My French name in school was Sebastian I liked it


If I had a boy and a girl I always wanted to call them Lucy and Adam.


when I’d go out with my kids dad

I’d reserve a pool table with the name, Camile.

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I used to like Peter, but I then realised it reminds me of Peter pan so that put me off

I renamed one of my dolls Louisa, she used to be called Emily, but that was the name of my pet rat.

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Sarah in females and Maxim in males.

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Makai for a boy and Sayla for a girl

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My name is Thomas but when I was in Spanish class my teacher used to say Tomas and it sounded like she was saying dumb ass so everyone started calling me that.

The next year I changed my name in Spanish class to Ramon.

We named our son Cole. Like that name. I forgot what name we had come up with for a girl. I think it was Ariel.


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