Which member here is fully recovered?

anyone know ?

must be very proud to recover from this

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Not me. My illness is well managed thanks to ongoing therapy and medication, but I know that the illness will return in a pronounced fashion if I try to stop my meds and/or if I cease regular therapy. I am not cured. What I have at best is a partial remission made possible through med and treatment compliance.


I no longer have significant positive symptoms because of the meds but I’m far from fully recovered.


I’m still working on it

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no 15151515, not on meds

since 2010 i am living the american dream…


Even if it’s just ‘partial remission’ you’re a shining example of what can be achieved in spite of the illness.


Positive symptoms 90% recovered.
Negative and cognitive symptoms 0% recovered.

I don’t think anyone here is 100% recovered. That is pretty much impossible with meds alone.

IMO I was psychotic 3 times since 2000, 90% recovered since 2010, i feel joy every morning when i wake


Pedro, if I may ask, what symptoms make up the 10% if you feel 90% recovered? Thanks

@lifebygrace i am fully joyful overall since 2010 on and off, I learnt how 2 feel well

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Well, thank you, but I don’t want to minimize anyone who has the illness and is still struggling or prevented from meeting their goals. I am trying to keep in mind that what I have is largely a case of, “there but for the Grace of God…”

I do hope that I can find ways to share my sucess with others. I want as much recovery as is possible for as many as possible.


Since I was 16 I have been dealing with psychosis.

Then once the positive symptoms were under control for two years, then I have anxiety.

Then to top it all off I get told I had ASD for my whole life. It made me really upset as I got into so much trouble between 11 and 18 and it was really a bad time for me with drugs and getting into trouble with school and the police. Maybe if less stick was used and more trying to actually find out the reasons why I am like I am. It’s like they never used to bother or have an awareness of ASD, or mental illness in general.

Oh well, keep on moving with it all.

I have mixed feelings about letting the mental health services into my head around two years ago was really that much of a good idea or not.

I don’t know the answers

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Id say almost yeah for me, but fully recovered I would rather say in remission because it can always come back. I still deal with stuff everyday, but Im a functional contributing member of society again

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I am not recovered as i have unhealthy addictions which cuts my lifeexpectency, but which is widely accepted in the broader community. I don’t fear my voices anymore to an extend receiving psychiatric treatment. I do have to take medication and had therapy.

I’m not fully recovered. I live with my parents and they’re making it more difficult for me to stay, they’re often in a bad mood with me. Yet until the lockdown ends I can’t return to the UK, so staying in France. I sleep in until 1pm+ , today I stayed in bed till 4pm. I can’t continue, I need to find myself some housing. The medication kills your body, I know people say you must take it, due to the excessive power it has over us, it has aged my body, rapidly. People say you should just stay on a low dose yet it’s not that simple, my psychiatrist is refusing to see me because of the virus. I don’t want to stop the medication at the moment, but the time will come when I either taper it slowly and come off [depot] or risk dying because of it.


The only reason I am not doing it is my parents. If they abandon me or die, I will stop meds and die or commit suicide asap

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I’ve been thinking about suicide as well, not sure it’s the solution at least I know it’s not. One thing I would recommend is going onto a depot injection, these are easier to withdraw from than [oral] medication. I take depot injections every 2 weeks. Want it to be every month.

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