Which medicines you take , are they working and how much do you pay for them monthly ?

Which medicines you take , are they working and how much do you pay for them monthly ?

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I take 5mg resperidone once a day at night, it works but I’m slowly getting my dosage upped as I’m having problems again with voices and paranoia. I don’t pay anything for them since it’s with the Veterans Affairs system from being in the military.


@SailorTheFox59 do u live in U.S…!!!

I take 3 mg Vraylar/Cariprazine and 50 mg Zoloft/Sertraline, I’m going to see about getting my Vraylar upped though because I’ve been having breakthrough symptoms of internal voices and moods. I can’t remember the other breakthrough symptom at the moment.
Also I pay for nothing, my one doctor got me set up so I don’t pay for Vraylar, because without coverage it’s $1000 or more.

I take aripiprazole generic 10mg abt 80$ month for 30 tabs

Seroquel 100mg abt $20 a month

Lorazepam .5mg pretty cheap

Propranolol (dose) abt $20

All covered by insurance, deductible at beginning of yr means we pay a bit out of pocket


Yes I live in the USA :us: but I’m moving back to Germany soon!

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I take 6mg Invega in the morning.

It works well for me, almost no positive symptoms and less negatives than when I was on Abilify.

It costs a lot of money, but my country has this system where the more you spend on medicines over a certain time period, the larger your discount is until it resets once a year. Plus my dad is paying for most of it.

I take Latuda, Geodon, Wellbutrin, Xanax, and Lunesta. All free from the VA also. They work well. I also get Benedryl from them free which is for the shakes I get from Geodon.

Before I got my VA rating I was paying $8 a bottle. If I use my insurance they are 5-10 dollars a bottle except for Latuda. I was paying $40 for a 3 month supply of Latuda.

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For sz I take 100mg injection paliperidone a month. In the U.K. I do not pay it is covered by the NHS.

It is working out OK for me so far. I have not been on it long but things have smoothed out a lot.

aripiprazole 15mg costs about $22 monthly but its free with prescription
tianepetin is about $18 monthly but only 30% is covered
and lamotrigin 200mg is about $15 and that’s the only med for which i pay full price

they all help but not enough…

btw in serbia this is considered somewhat expensive therapy since most meds are free completely
and average salary is about $400

My Geodon costs $30 for a 3 month supply. Without insurance, it would be $600.

Haldol 1-2mg, it works, in 2mg more so than 1mg. And the side effects are about as bad as the psychosis. I don’t pay anything, insurance is obligated here and pays for all meds and care. I have no clue how much it would be without insurance.

Risperdal Consta- works great- insurance pays for it
Geodon- works great- insurance pays for it
Seroquel- works great- insurance pays for it
Celexa- works great- insurance pays for it
Klonipin- works great- insurance pays for it

I take Geodon 80 x 2, Seroquel 400 x 2, and Wellbutrin 100 x 2. They handle my symptoms. I didn’t know how much I needed the Wellbutrin until I had to go without it. I don’t really feel the Seroquel. Geodon is my main drug. It handles my symptoms and keeps me comfortable. For some people Geodon is The Answer. I don’t know how much these drugs cost. I just take them. I don’t pay for them. I think all the drugs I take have gone generic.