Which medications would you rate very highly?

I would give the highest preference to Abilify and Ziprasidone.

Clozapine is good

Maybe sulpiride, flupenthixol, lurasidone, cariprazine.


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10 years on 3 meds and I can say abilify has worked best

I’ve only been on 3 AP’s but I prefer Abilify to the others I have tried.

I would say the two meds I’m on right now. Paliperidone and perphenazine.

Clozaril for sure, i am on it over ten years and it is the only medication that works for me, side effects are awful though!

Paliperidone is the best i think.it doesn t cause sedation and i m active all the time.fantastic.i m very close to daily active life.and my positive symptoms totally under control without any negative symptoms.i m really happy

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