Which medication works on the opiod rececptors?

I am wondering this because I’ve read it I think its an anti psychotic. The reason is that your opiod rececptors are connected to feelings and emotion. They give you blissful feelings that we all miss.

I also wonder if the term had anything to do with the illicit drug opium lol

Yes opiods are derived from the opium poppy. Most painkillers are versions of it. Although some are synthetic.

Antipsychotics do not have any binding activity to the opioid receptors. Strong pain killers, like morphine, bind to them and activate them. Opioid antagonists, like naloxone, bind to them and prevent their activation. But naloxone is not an antipsychotic and is used for opioid overdose (like if someone takes too much heroin) and for addicts trying to prevent relapse (because it prevents the opioid high).

well that wasnt it but thank s for the effortful fyi

I claim I researched investigations AP’s and there wad one of them I swear that read opiod receptor, my memory isn’t visualizing enough to remember completely however evidence shows it was also a D3 dopamine something rather
this stuff is interesting ! i want to know how my meds work

Naltrexone does I’m on it.

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For which symptoms is Naltrexone?

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Some antidepressant have a slight impact on opioid receptors, effexor and Mirtazapine and perhaps ketamine. I don’t think there are any AP’s that do the same. My experience is that opioids kan reduce negative symptoms, but the consequence: addiction, tolerance, overdose, sideeffects etc etc are to severe. Unfortunately. More research are needed.