Which medication removed your though broadcasting?


I’m wondering about my options on top of Seroquel 300mg and Latuda 120mg. Latuda keeps me happy so I really don’t wanna go off it and Seroquel puts me to sleep.
I consider my broadcasting to be about mild to medium depending on the situation if there’s more than two people in the room including me.


This thread has a number of posts about people resolving their thought broadcasting with Abilify.


in a bad way or a good way

not sure anything helps


Someone told that mix of Latuda and Abilify got their mind racey.


It’s pretty neutral, but it’s confusing cause I hear them commenting on top of the reality.


if your’e talking about subvocal speech

that can happen to anyone

it’s special kind of strange power, and maybe you don’t want to eliminate it.


I had it really strong where I could even see their mouths saying the same thing. Made me want to get rid of anything embassasing in life.


I don’t think it has anything to do with subvocal speech since I hear it with peoples real voices and if I plug my ears I don’t get anything.


For what it’s worth, Abilify removed it for me. Everybody is different though and it’s all trial and error with meds.


Seroquel worked for me, 700mg. And time. Just time on my meds.


I think zyprexa is a miracle med for me. I am much better with it


It does feel like special ability where I’m the hive mind’s queen. I just wish I’d only get it when I want