Which is worse - a poll


Staying up and watching Netflix or going to bed and likely not being able to sleep

  • Stay up and watch Netflix
  • Go to bed even if not tired

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Going to bed when I’m not tired just makes my depression worse and makes me really angry that I can’t sleep.

So I vote that’s worse.

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If you’re just laying around in bed trying to fall asleep, you’re not going to be doing your mental health any favors. Rumination and hallucinations may increase if you’re not occupying your mind, and next thing you know, you’ve convinced yourself that that man that you saw 5 different times in different aisles at the store today is your stalker. That’s why I don’t like to go to bed unless I’m actually tired if that’s feasible.

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Where in Texas are you?

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I’m in Manitoba Canada

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Fort Worth/Keller area. You’re near Georgetown, yes? I was thinking about going to Southwestern University near there.

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Yes. Good luck. Georgetown is wonderful.

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Eh, I liked the area and the school was nice, but I couldn’t deal with all that disgusting carpet in the dorms. Like, there were stains in the show dorms that no one even uses. I can only imagine what the actual dorms were like.


Sorry misread post - going to bed when not tired is the worst

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Going to bed if you’re not tired is pointless I’ve found. You’ll end up staying up as late as you would if you would’ve just stayed up anyways except instead of spending the time doing something fun or relaxing you spend it frustrated and restless tossing and turning.


I voted for the wrong one. I hate staying up late, I would rather lay in bed at night and be in my own little world until I fall asleep a couple of hours later.