Which is which?

How would you know if it’s a spirit acting indendently or if it was a witch?

Which is which?

Spirits are organized into groups with other spirits in power over them. Unless they’re the guy at the top, they aren’t allowed to act independently.

I’ve read a number of your posts, and your beliefs are very strong.
Just from curiosity, not to derail your post, which meds are you on? And do you have sz or something similar/related like bipolar or something? Are your meds helping you?

No, im not a schizophrenic but that is what they called it.

On halloween many moons ago my inner being was invaded by them, possessed, haunted, plagued, whatever you want to call it.

If i don’t poison myself to death, which is easier, they will torment me until i do. They begin appearing and burning me in various ways.

The past fifteen years have been a horrible stroll through paranormal hell.

Are you following any medical advice for this? At all? Medications? Anything?