Which is ruder? (poll)

so the other day me and dad were driving somewhere and I plucked a nose hair and he said, “that is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable”

anyways today like always, he ripped a fart and I didn’t say a thing.

so let’s put it to a vote, which is ruder?

  • pulling a nose hair
  • ripping a fart

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In terms of discourse on this site, I think we’ve officially hit ‘Rock Bottom’.


You have more control over when and where you pick a nose hair. That’s not always the case when you RIP a fart.


But of course, Firemonkey sh!tting his pants while getting his toe nails clipped is a close second.

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Yah know what, I find it entertaining. Plus I like that it isn’t constantly about dark, suicidal needing support. Ignore these posts instead of complaining. For real.

I’ve done the math and came to the conclusion that 5+3 does not equal a verb. Now contrary to popular opinion the weather can be predicted with a 100% accuracy only if rocket ships begin delivering for Amazon.

Skunk’s attempt at a filibuster because he has no idea what to vote for.



ok for real dude, this coming from the guy who thinks i’d bend her over, was insightful and fun. whatever. “eh”

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I went with nose hair picking, cause I lump it in with nose picking, lol. But I guess being around my husband and brother for 20 years, plus the rest of the guy group from high school that were together before we even got together would all sit in the back of the computer lab, so a line of say 6 guys and fart within seconds of each other and people had to leave the room.

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That’s the truth. Sometimes those things just come out

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I voted for pulling the nose hair.

If you have a long nose hair, you don’t have to yank it out. You can twist it or twirl it. Maybe French braid it.

To the contrary, ripping a fart is natural. If we didn’t fart we would explode.


True story. Three guys were in the cab of a truck going to go hunting. They also had their dog with them. Well one of the guys farted and the dog threw up


You know I believe that as when I was really sick in the fall if my kids or husband farted I would have forever. It got to to the point they had to use the downstairs bathroom or use a huge box fan to get the ■■■■ smell out of the bathroom cause I’d puke over that too. I thought my daughter’s pregnancy was bad on me, but that fall illness thru Jan just ugh I puked over everything.

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Lol that’s funny

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No need to make fun of someone for an embarrassing situation. You feeling okay? You seem to be seeking confrontation between this post and your IBHO post.

I think your post should be voted to be best thread this year haha

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Farting is only rude if the smell makes people gag

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Haha :joy: cute. Thanks

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Farting is more rude than burping which is more rude than removing a nose hair.

I use a nose-ear trimmer to remove my nose and ear hair.

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