Which is easier to be stranded on a island by yourself or to have schizophrenia poll

  • 1 to have schizophrenia
  • 2 on a island by your self

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I would rather be on the island by myself

I’ve survived one of them and probably wouldn’t survive the other.

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Stranded on an island would suck. You’d have to fight for every meal. Sleep outdoors. I’d much rather have schizophrenia. That being said. I HATE SCHIZOPHRENIA

A lot would depend on what was on the island. If there were plenty of coconuts and other edible plants year round, and if there were plenty of fish to catch, yes, it would be much easier to live on an island. But if there were salt water crocodiles everywhere around the island I think I would rather have schizophrenia. Death by dehydration and slow starvation isn’t fun. I saw a program on tv about different inhabited islands in the South Pacific, and some of the strategies they used to survive were ingenious. On this one island they had tamed all the eels around the island because the eels would eat the fetid material in the water around the island. They would give the eels scraps to eat, and the eels would come up on shore briefly and let the island people handle them. They said on that program that Easter Island, where they left all those giant, carved heads, was at one time as full of animal habitation as the Galapagos Islands Charles Darwin wrote about, but the human occupants overused the animal resources on the island, and as a result Easter Island was nearly barren. The only life it supported was a little grass. That just goes to show how the human environment can shape the natural environment for good or bad. We can learn from examples like that.


The reason it is often attractive to live all alone is because I have schizophrenia!

At least with Schizophrenia you can still go to the shop and buy cigarettes

On an island, nope, wouldn’t happen

I wouldn’t want to be alone on an island.

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