Which illness are antipsychotics used for?

Is it possible to need an antipsychotic in order to be healthy and not have schizophrenia, a mood disorder and psychosis?

If not than that means I could only have one of these 3 conditions.

I continue my quest to find my diagnosis since the psychiatrists don’t know.

When you need an antipsychotic, you necessarily have a mental illness, no? There must not be so many mental illness which need an antipsychotic to be treated…

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Whatz ur diagnosis. .!!! Sz bipolar Alzheimer need anti psychotic. .

Certainly not alzeimer I’m only 39! :slightly_smiling_face:
The problem is that I have as many diagnosis as the number of psychiatrists I saw : schizophrenia, psychosis, schizoid, somatic symptoms disorder, etc. And each psychiatrist contradict the others one. So I don’t know which one is right. My current psychiatrist is not sure about my diagnosis. Why is it a mystery?!

I really wish I knew why I lost 12 years of my life in sickness. It’s really not comfortable to be sick and not know what you have.

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I think they treat BPD and some other personality disorders with aps too.

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Just pick the best one and go to that one

U look so confusing. .meet a top pdoc of ur town …he will give away ur diagnosis fOr sure…u are a kind human being take care …!!

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But why have my psychiatrists been unable to find what I have. Is it so much an unsolvable mystery? I don’t understand.

Sorry, I’m a little frustrated. :unamused:


What is ur main symptoms. .tell me we may reach to the conclusion. .

I am still undiagnosed. I’ve been ill for about a year now and been seeing a pdoc for ~8months. I guess these things are hard to diagnose. I keep on telling myself that the important part is that they treat my symptoms.

While I was untreated, I used to be unable to stop thinking. I used to have racing thoughts. It was really a nightmare. I could not stop my thoughts.

My brain was like a Ferrari, always going at full speed. For example, I was speaking and doing everything really fast. Only 30 min of mental activity like watching TV used to make me totally exhausted because my brain was going too fast.

I was sometime euphoric and some hours later I used to feel empty and depressed. However, I have read about bipolarity and I’m not sure it was so much extreme as someone who has it. Not sure.

I was very often sad and depressed.

Also what was strange is that I had A LOT of severe physical symptoms like very problematic arrhythmia (for which I went to the emergency by an ambulance), chronic dizziness, very low blood pressure, severe weight loss. I was so dizzy I almost couldn’t walk. It all stopped suddenly as soon as I began the antipsychotic.

I feel like my case is so much atypical especially about my physical symptoms.

Thanks anyway.

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U may/ maynot be bipolar …!!! But see a popular pdoc soon …!!! But try do be kind to other.and urself …

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Sorry for your troubles - happy you found a med that is improving your situation though

Yes for the med I don’t have to complain except for many side effects. I’m only complaining about not knowing what I have.

I will see my psychiatrist in September but she already said to me that she is not sure about what I may have. And seeing another psychiatrist is not allowed here when you already have one.

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I feel u bro …some time diagnosis takes time … be patience. .!!!


Bipolar with psychosis,psychotic depression,borderline PD,schizotypal PD,paranoid PD, schizophrenia,schizoaffective,delusional disorder,severe anxiety, some autism related symptoms( Risperdal is FDA approved for this as is Abilify),

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Some use seroquel for sleep

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True. Apparently lower doses are better for sleep than higher doses. I was on 25 mgs twice a day for a few months quite a few years ago.

Because your on Ap’s you present differently, so they don’t see the symptom clusters that they need to diagnose you.

This is why my last pdoc called it a working diagnosis.

Also I’ve heard that olanzapine has been used off label to treat anorexics.

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You sound bipolar. But, I’m not a doctor. Best to go to a university affiliated psychiatrist for a diagnosis. Anti psychotics can be used for either bipolar or schizophrenia.

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Agreed - seeing a university affiliated pdoc sounds like a good idea.

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