Which early simptoms did you had?

Before an Episode came by?
Because i usually sleep good but lately not.

Insomnia, suspicious…

Sleep is so important.

I have to take 50mg of Nozinan to get to sleep.

Let your doctors know and they may be able to prescribe you something.

Sleep is usually one of the first things that leads down a bad path

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paranoia, anxiety, racing or unpleasant thoughts


Depression and extreme paranoia, then followed by voices and delusions.

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Anxiety 15151515151515

Voices became obsess me …

Increased Spirituality, before it all crashed.

I heard a sound like this coming from the apartment upstairs, playing repeatedly (reproduced by using a tone generator software):

I only heard it when I was at home, it was always coming from the ceiling / apartment upstairs.

My schizophrenia still plays me this hallucination every now and then.

Someone using witchcraft on me…
Thinking my teeth will be pulled…
Paranoid that people were reading my thoughts while I was drinking or using marijuana…

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I was catatonic and very suspicious of people, caught in my own head massively.

I was very paranoid, thought people are out to get me, walked for hours aimlessly all the time, wouldn’t sleep for multiple days/nights, thought I was being watched and spied on.

Before the episode with the voice, I had major depression, sensitivity to lights and sounds etc.

early symptoms included depression, isolation, delusions, obsessive thoughts. Still struggle with these, but those were some of my early symptoms

Depression, anxiety, suspicious of my family.

I saw Jesus and an Alpine man in 19th century clothing. I thought the devil and witches were trying to get me. I heard Jesus speak.

I don’t know if “oddness” is a symptom?

Then came anxiety, depression, delusions, introversion.

Social isolation and low grades at university, cognitive impairments.

Catatonia, spiritual “self-improvement”, isolation, and voices.

My catatonia came after low university grades, social isolation, a suicide attempt and right after my diagnosis. It went away with antipsychotics after about 2 months. I stopped meds twice and developped catatonia again.

I think antipsychotics treat mild-moderate catatonia too. I didn’t need catatonia meds, benzodiazepines.

Did your catatonia disappear with antipsychotics or with catatonia meds?

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