Which do you think is worse to experience

Feeling really terrible and not being able to figure out why


Knowing why you feel really terrible, and not being able to do anything about it

I’m sorry you’re feeling terrible, @Turnip! Sometimes we’re just tired; mentally and/or physically. And sometimes without realizing it our bodies are depleted of something essential…we’re dehydrated or hungry. It’s ok to take a break and ponder, and then sometimes it helps to be busy and get something done that will make you feel good about accomplishing. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon :heart:

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The first is by far the worst for me. I hate not knowing why. I’m still working on being able to acknowledge and accept things that I can’t do anything about. That goes against my grain, but I’m getting better at it.

They both sound bad to me. I guess I would have to say the first is worse.

Oh thanks for the sweet post but I am actually not feeling terrible, I was just wondering how people felt about these two different possible experiences. I personally feel like the second is worse, so it’s interesting to already see 2 people who feel the first is.

Oh.:blush: I’m glad you’re not feeling terrible! When I feel terrible and there’s no reason, I still know why and that it’s just me. So, knowing why is the worst.

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Ooh that’s a hard one. Maybe the 2nd because at least the first I have some hope that if I find out what’s wrong I can fix it. The second issue is what has lead to becoming suicidal for me in the past.

first one…