Which do you prefer

  • 1.Reading
  • 2.Video,Movies & tv series
  • 3.Gaming
  • 4.Reading and gaming
  • 5.Videos,movies,tv series and gaming
  • 6.Reading and video,movies and tv series

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Definitely reading! I am mad about books :blush:

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I only game. Havn’t been able to enjoy movies or tv series or reading for quite some time.

I enjoy number 5 but I hope to do some less couch time this summer. Birding. That sort of thing.

Gaming then Netflix videos.

You should throw exercise on the list.

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I love writing but generally hate to read. I was in a college study group making conversation back in my early twenties, and I said “we had to read this book back in high school” and some dude in glasses interrupted me with “you had to?” like I had just insulted him massively. I’m sorry, but unless it’s Stephen King or R.A. Salvatore, it’s boring to me. It takes a lot to hook me into reading, supernatural or horror or fantasy works but as a whole I generally dislike books. I really prefer the movie/show version of a work if there is one.

I voted for gaming because it’s most of what I do.

I am not into gamin so I picked reading only.

Audio books really allowed me to get my reading done. Actual reading is weird now but i still do it for books that arent on audible.

I also game alot.

How about an “all of them” option?
I like reading, I also like watching things, and I also like gaming.

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I mostly like reading, or, specifically, listening to audio books.

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You didn’t have a Reading and Movies option! Not everyone likes gaming!

it’s lately been on my list of “I’ve done everything, now what”
when it comes to reading.
And I was weened on t.v., and movies, so no.
I didn’t vote on your poll.

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It’s on no.6 151515

I used to like studying my university books before my sz, human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, neuroscience, psychology, biology, research methods, etc

I read them many times while taking notes and rewrote them in my own words. This gave me A grades.

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