Which do you miss moreyour cell phone or your computer

myself I really miss my brainalthough if I had to do with one device or the other I would say I would miss my computer more

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I only JUST got a cell phone this June. I hate it and try hard not to use it.

I would miss my computer more… I hate phones and have a hard time with them.

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My cell phone doesn’t work at my house. So I would miss my computer more.

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@Ridgerunner I was just thinking about how I haven’t seen you post for a bit… How have you been.

I been doing ok. been swimming some. With most of the campers gone now, I have most of the river to myself.

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I can’t live without either, especially since I still have to schedule reminders for dumb things like taking a shower. You’d think I could remember this on my own, but… (sigh) If a solar flare takes out all technology on Earth, I am so screwed. And that’s not even taking my pacemaker into consideration. Probably a good thing I won’t survive a solar flare as I won’t enjoy my life without my plethora of tech bits that surround and comfort me.


i dont have a phone, so I would say I would miss my com com XD

I miss neither, I have these with me every day.

Well… I had my laptop stolen on Tuesday and I missed it an awful lot until I got a new one. But I would miss my phone more because my local contacts like friends or family would be on there, and I need them more. Its hard to say, I’m grateful for both!

i gave my son my phone but i have a spare for driving with. i used to like surfing on my phone but till i get my old phone back, i’m on the laptop. i’m just waiting for my son to transfer his contacts to the new iphone i bought him, then i’ll get my phone back