Which celebrity's would make your best friends

One male one female. One can be your spouse. I’ve said it before but Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin for me :blush:

I also think I’d get along with John Lennon and Jerry Garcia…and my names Jon so that’s a lot of j’s

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Aubrey Plaza and Stephen Fry

The ones who would give me half their fortunes tax free.

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John c reilly , jack black , Colin Farrell , tom hanks , Clint Eastwood , Morgan freeman

Summer Glau, as i think? we get along that would be more best friends as she not into other girls :confused:
As for a guy mhmm i am not sure, have to think on that.

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Okay i got it John Nash! Tho he died so not sure that counts :confused:

Certainly all the celebrities I named are dead

Tom Hanks…

Sistas , would be , Uma Thurman , Reese Witherspoon , Jennifer Garner. Jennifer Conolly , Anne Hathaway…

John Lennon is a musical genius but they guy was really, really mean. That said, I would have really liked to have met him.


Kygo :heart_eyes:


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He looks like such a nice guy :cold_sweat:

Leonardo DiCaprio because he likes to party a lot.
Ellen Degeneres because she really seems nice and funny.
I won’t mention any Europeans because you probably never heard about them…

Andy Garcia …Hot

Corey Taylor. He’s the singer of Slipknot.

He knows what I feel, literally his music is often about psychosis. He has been through the wringer. No he does not have scz.

And Eminem. I identify with him too.

He is a tortured soul who has been to hell as well.

A female? Hmmm

I guess Lizzy Hale. I like her music. Only have one album though, don’t know much about her but as with the other artists, her music says enough.

And Jack White. Also Meg White. They were the members of The White Stripes, and I memorized all their music.

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Bill hicks and Maria Bamford, I need some comedy, and they’re both cool.

He left his wife for another women, he basically abandoned his son by his first wife. He could be very caustic and sarcastic.

Who did? Lennon?