Which body typr should I aim? (Pics)

this is mr supper cut 65kg Aaaaaaaaaa this is me 100kg super bulked up IMG_20190118_202630_102 and this is me 85kg

Now im am 92kg and closest i would be for the super bulky, but i miss being extremely cut and doing 40 pull ups. Which one looks the best and most attractive?


85kg should do the trick


I prefer to be smaller but leaner, but you look like a lot bulkier at 100kg, I dono dono

First image- 85k and under IMO. You work pays off. Wish I could do that.

Personally I prefer to be super cut low body fat. I wish I could get back to my presz weight, I was cut 140lb and going to the gym twice for 1-2h everyday. Now obese 280lb lost all my muscles.

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I was also following a low fat low carb high protein diet.

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All of them are good looks.

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You look good in all the pics but I think 85kg is probably best. Just my opinion.

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they all look good but i prefer the smaller you. that is about what im shooting for.

Depends on who you ask I guess. I like #2 best.

85kg suits you I think :slight_smile:

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whatever you like, idk it depends upon you.

They all look good

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That’s amazing!

Congratulations on taking such good care of yourself.

Well done!

I dated a bodybuilder.
He was huge and six pack .
I admired him so much.
He was stunning.
He was so strict on his diet though.
He pretty much lived off tuna and banana smoothie with egg in it.

I had a kick boxer boyfriend too and he had a six pack and stunning body too but was a lot skinnier and not as strict on his diet.

Most boyfriends I’ve had after that have been fat.
After schizophrenia diagnosis when I think about it.
Ha ha ha ha
I appreciate all regardless of body but in honesty I want a partner who takes care of themselves which frustrates me that my boyfriend doesn’ all.opposite he abuses his body.
Like I used to.

85k … looks best

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I think it is up to you to decide at which weight you feel the most healthy, both mentally and physically. I do admire your dedication.

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