Which anti-psychotic gave you the most motivation?

Which anti-psychotic gave you the most motivation?

I use to be on Risperidone when I had motivation in my earlier 20s and in a nutshell I started to loose it when in my late 20s. I been on the following that I can remember:

Risperidone again (did nothing for motivation this time)

The best so far for my current state is Amisulpride mixed with Amitriptyline. It doesn’t keep me stable without Amitriptyline with it too. I thought it was interesting topic to start because if you’re treatment resistant then I assume it’s hard to troubleshoot. I got an appointment next month where I’ll ask if I can start Clozapine if it helps my motivation.

People have criticism thinking we’re lazy when we don’t even have dopamine fueling motivation when we need to do something. It’s like asking a car to start with no battery or fuel.


Risperidone was one awesome med, I was in the cloud 9.
Unfortunately due to major side effects doc stopped it.

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Geodon. It has become my miracle med.

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I am on generic prolixin, fluphenazine…love this med.

I stuck with Amisulpride for 3 years, but it wasn’t treating my symptoms fully.

The drugs you listed seems like Clozapine may be worth a try

A few weeks ago I tried Clozapine, but the side effects were not good at all so I came off it

That’s not to say that you will get them

If you think it’s worth a shot to get well and motivated, then you have nothing to lose going for it as an option

Rexulti, hands down.

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Yes! Great analogy. I can’t recall all the times when I put some thing off again and again when it would have been so much easier just to do what I needed to do.

Same here. A lot of people swear by Geodon.

That’s when I have someone give me a boost or run me a Jerry can of fuel. Support networks matter.

Before I stopped AP’s the one that I feltthe best on was Aristada. Its basically the same as Abilify.

Nothing better than Abilify. I take it with Haldol.

I woke up pretty refreshed when i took geodon.

Highest dose of Invega + daily caffeine intake gives me a good amount of motivation throughout the day.


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Abilify and Wellbutrin. I can’t take them anymore.
Now on Risperidone.

I’m on clozaril and it’s been heavenly sent. Motivation needs work but that’s all mindset IMO

Exact same for me. Risperidone made everything i looked at beautiful, but after a couple weeks i couldnt walk anymore.

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Amulspride 50 is best for me.

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