Which anime should I binge watch today?

I’ve been watching an episode of Hajime No Ippo every night and a one hour OVA of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn every weekend. This is a four day weekend, yo. I have some optional reading ahead or just anime all day. Which anime? Why? What’s your favorite color? Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

Seirei no moribito! Why, because it’s beautiful and my favourite color is purple :smile:


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ok so that wasn’t as bad ass I remember it being… the whole episode set you up to really want that ■■■■■■■ monster thing to die. when the eva occasionally goes berserk typically some bad ass stuff happens. I’m gonna find another clip though

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Ive seen it bro but yeah it is legit as ■■■■

Aight every one should see it

the only thing missing from that second clip is when he looks at the reflection of the EVA in the building and the eye bubbles out of nowhere and regenerates… its when shinji learns he’s not piloting a robot for the first time.

it’s funny you’re still awake man

Im sitting here buzzin on some no no “Tommy Conlin’s bedtime snack” and now sat down with morning coffee because its 5am lol

Tommy Conlin is when you literally chase a benzo with booze

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I had a few beers last night. I’ve got one left in there, but the last one I tried drinking I poured out half way through…

not really any point to a single beer. I really don’t even want to drink any more

I only drink to go to sleep. When that doesnt work, I take a xanax with another drink. When that doesnt work, I smoke cigarettes and remember that I am of the accursed.

Movie begins with Tommy popping pills with whiskey on his dad’s porch

this scene is my second favorite, opening is the best but couldnt find the whole opening on youtube

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here we go man!

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ah i found the whole movie

You drank booze and now your drinking your morning coffee? Your a trip.

I took 40mg Geodon at 9:30am yesterday and passed out until 12:30pm. Then had to get up for work and felt like a bus hit me. I seriously thought I was going to have to call in sick for work.

Take the Geodon with food and coffee!!! it knocks anyone out unless taken with food at least! Like a real meal like a bacon egg and cheese sandwich homedog

DUdde EVA got hella crazy towards the end of the original series, I cant even handle the new sheeet but that fight scene was rad

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Yeah man… then there were the movies…

They play heavy on suspense when you’re watching… the actual fight scenes are never that long, but somehow it’s like hyper focus is activated when they come around.

I don’t know if I ever finished it all. got weird… back when I was watching it I had to buy the VHS’s … the days of dial up.

That’s odd. Give it a couple-few weeks

man if you like Anime , why dont you combine a psych paper with it.

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could turn out to be a wider cultural commentary type spiel

Seraph of the End! It’s a very good sci fi/paranormal anime!