Whew, nice surprise

I’m at work and I went out to my car at lunch and discovered I had left the headlights on from this morning. So I discovered two things. One, when my battery is low a “low battery” message will appear on my radio. I tested it to see if it would start and all I got was a clicking noise. Damn! That usually means I’ll have to call my free towing service and have them come out and give me a jump. Which means I will have to sit in my car at work in the parking lot for up to two hours before they get here. But I tried to start it and it started right up. I don’t know how or why but I’m so happy! I only get three free service calls every six months with my car insurance so now I saved using one. Great way to start the weekend!


Yeah, you go Nick! No really, get in your car and go! :smiley:


Glad it started for you. :mouse::mouse::mouse: