Whew. It turned out great

I turned in an assignment in my class two weeks ago. It was a 550 word essay on a couple of philosophers from the Renaissance. I waited and waited for the grade. Nothing. Finally I checked the page for our grades and it said, " Did not complete". It was worth a lot of points. I distinctively remember turning it in, but I have made mistakes in the past and instead of submitting a paper I have accidentally erased it by pressing the wrong button. So I assumed I had done the same for this paper. BUT. …My teacher has also made mistakes prior to this and forgets to post grades.So I pm’d him and asked him if MAYBE he had made a mistake and MAYBE he received my paper somehow.
Well because I didn’t get any points for this.my grade went from an “A-” down to a “B” . Which is bad because my final is in a week and ALSO a 1000 page essay is due. I don’t know how I will do on those so I need a “cushion”.
An hour ago I went on the class website and lo and behold I had a PM from my professor saying he DID have my paper and he was sorry for the confusion. For my score I got 90 out of 100! My grade went back up to an “A-” !!! So class ends the 26th.


This is great news! That must have been tense. I’m glad things worked out well for you. :smiley:

Yeah, it was pretty discouraging there for awhile.

Hey, good on you! I remember I had an online class and constantly forgot when things were due. It’s hard to remember those things, kudos!

Wow,great Renaissance! I wish I could have a course on this subject as I have visited some architecture of Renaissance in Italy years ago. Glad you have finally got excellent mark from your professor , Nick. Well done!

Curious… who were the philosophers you chose?

Im glad it worked out for you Nick - good for you

Hobbes and Voltaire.

“I think, therefore I am”.

“Life is nasty, brutish and short”.

Yayyy for you Nick! Good things come to those who are good themselves. Buena Suerte to you!

Pretty sure “I think, therefore I am,” or “cogito ergo sum” was Rene Descartes.

I double checked on that one.You’re absolutely right. My mistake.
Voltaire is famous for writing the satirical “Candide”.

Yeppers. I believe a lot of what John Locke espoused: empirical evidence is the only evidence worth considering. In other words, if I can’t hear, smell, see, touch or taste something, there is no reason to believe in it. Like I said in another post, I love philosophy and enjoy reading it in my spare time.

@77nick77…did you know that Mozart was deeply Christian, and said something to the effect of “The old scoundrel has finally kicked the bucket” upon hearing news of Voltaire’s death? Just a fun fact.

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Interesting fact!..

You reminded me of my panic looking up grades in college…sorry you had to have that experience, but glad it worked out in the end !

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this is a really good news,education is alot of people’s priority