Wheres the logic in this

“I had sex with a woman, now I completely own and dominate and control the fruit of this action”


I believe the idea that children should be blindly obedient and servile to their parents is a product of power-hungry human beings.

There should be a spiritual/mental/emotional health test for anyone wanting to be a parent

I believe there is a God but it’s not a God that arranged the social order

think for yourself, people

I have always been very good at defying my parents. I think I turned out okay.

Good parents just want to give you a good base to build from by the time you head out into the real world.

when your parents are outcasts and loners and don’t really know how to live in teh real world, they can’t teach you the same.

but i get what youre saying


That is very true

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I’d prefer it be the other way, if she’s not my mom