Where you ever fascinated by someone?

where you ever fascinated by someone?

have you ever really wondered about someone?

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Are u a professional gambler


I’ve been pretty fascinated with myself. But I just can’t quite figure this guy out…


I’m tellin ya pedro, there are ways around every single casino and game.

And it’s allllllllllllll invisible! Undetectable, unseen, unheard.

However, if you start winning every single spin on roulette they are going to know some ■■■■ is up.

Some fascinate me, but they aren’t human.


where does luck come from?

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U can boost ur luck attribute as if u were playing an rpg like say 100% and then make it fluctuate so it, just looks like ur are on a roll with a few losses every now and then u need to be an expert Gardner of the soil of ur heart and meditate on the idea that questions were powerful. As u think in ur heart so are u or so do u become heart=mind similar

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when I speak and think from the heart it increases my chances of winning but its still mysterious

I got carried away with my post and then shortened it

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I play roulette I think the angels know the next number

I have been ‘attracted’ to people but only truly riveted and fascinated by certain famous people. I don’t gamble.

I get fascinated by a lot of different people. One person who has always fascinated me the most is the amateur wrestler Dan Gable. I don’t think anyone has ever given such a dominant performance in Olympic freestyle wrestling as Dan Gable did in the 1972 Olympics. No one scored a point on him. He also has had incredible success coaching wrestling at Iowa University. His teams won the national championship at least twenty-three out of twenty-eight possible times. Now he is retired from wrestling because he had to get a hip replacement. He had a very hands on style of coaching.

Yeah university of Iowa.

Hard core stuff.


Research same way.

Yeah so many times. I tend to turn men in my life into temporary gods.
But it is, hopefully, a past now.

Just one gal, will take her in my mind to the grave, The odd person just has that look and style

my brother fascinates me, especially with his beliefs :thinking:

and his ability to keep a job at his age :confused:

he’s my little brother, but his growth and development is quite… fascinating. :thinking:

Some Males and females.
I think

I used to be fascinated by all normies. Not so much anymore.

I was fascinated by musician once when I was young and in high school. I used to play his old records daydreaming about infinite horizons and other worlds whilst I looked out the window. I thought he was a genius (I still do). There were teenage crushes too but no crazy obsessions. I’ve always had my feet on the ground.

YES!!! This is’t crazy. What’s crazy is thinking you know how the other person feels without any indication of it . . . Um, what’s crazy is thinking you know a person feels a certain way even when their behavior contradicts that assumption . . . Um, what’s crazy is . . . As long as you can take “no” for an answer, you don’t have a single thing to worry about. Well, there’s the issue of attention-getting techniques, but that’s beyond the scope of this post.

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I’ve had plenty of people whom I have found amazing
Girl friends usually, although it can be role models